When the sweetest gesture breaks my heart…

You pay attention to what I say and remember to incorporate my favourite things into a gift. It makes my heart melt. I would be yours in an instant if I wasn’t reminded of how you haven’t changed – as you slur your words with a scent of sweet madness on your breath.

How I relate to music

Just listening to this song (Freya Ridings – Lost Without You) brings up a lot of conflicting emotions for me because I loved someone deeply and had to let them go. I wrote something a while ago but it just felt so complementary to this song that I decided to share it. It’s posted after the video.

My Inner Battle

I want two opposing things.

To have one and not the other is devastating.

It hurts to want what I want

Without you

Just as much as it hurts

To sacrifice what I want

To be with you.


Yet He Stayed

I thought if I told him I loved him, it would scare him off. But instead, he stayed in my life and told me he loved me too.

I told him when I first met him that he would probably just be someone who is in my life for a season. He came into the winter of my life. It’s slowly turning into spring and he’s still around.

I’m so used to feeling abandoned so I pushed him away before he had the chance to abandon me. Yet he stayed.

My Journey Through Therapy

I’ve decided to start a new blog about my personal journey through therapy. I’m hoping some of you can relate or share it with others who you think can identify with my struggles. I hope to continue sharing dreamy stories and poetry on this blog as well since I greatly appreciate the comments and follows on this blog. Thanks everyone for your support!



sunset-beach_00411314I love you like I love a sunset

Beautiful in the different shades of purple, pink, orange and yellow

That so harmoniously blend into each other

How the clouds in the sky add texture and personality to it

As the day turns into night

It’s like watching the sun sleep

Watching your heavy eyelids close

as you drift into a land of dreams.