You remind me of someone I know and the more I get to know you, the more you remind me of this person.

It’s like this ring I used to own that would wrap around my finger and adjust to the finger size I’d choose to wear it on. It was my favourite ring but I gave it away to a boy I had a crush on because he wanted a souvenir of a foreign girl in his native country.

Ever since giving that ring away, I’d notice myself constantly seeking a replacement but nothing looked as creative or unique as that ring.

When I finally found something that reminded me of my old ring, I was so excited. It wasn’t exactly the same but it was beautiful in its own way and became my new favourite ring.

Sometimes I feel like I go around sub-consciously looking for a replacement to the things I’ve loved and lost.

Maybe I’m just looking for someone to replace the person I once loved – someone to replace the missing piece of my broken, puzzled heart.



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