Love brings us to who we need…

I came across this phrase when discovering the brilliance of Jeff Buckley’s music – specifically the song Morning Theft. It made me think of the relationships I’ve been forming with the men I’ve been dating.

love brings us

One of the first men I met off a dating site I joined was this incredibly talented singer/songwriter musician. I was just on the dating site to check out the eye candy selection of men available in the city and had no intention of contacting anyone. Past experience with online dating has taught me not to get my hopes up with anyone and that I’ll most likely be disappointed with my in-person encounters.

I was pleasantly surprised when this musician type messaged me. His profile picture was sexy and I remember thinking he was interesting, based on what he wrote about himself. I told him straight up that I thought he was hot and interesting but didn’t want to get my hopes up with anyone too soon. He was honest and said that he wasn’t looking for anything serious but thought I was attractive and interesting too. I have to admit, I was flattered. I know I’m not going to be everyone’s type so it was nice to be noticed.

He was definitely sexy in person and it felt really amazing for him to be so into me (even if it was purely physical). Over the course of several dates, I came to realize that he wasn’t the right guy for me. But his talent, the songs he’d sing to me, the songs he’d teach me – made me feel so special in those moments. I cherish the time I spent with him, despite knowing that our relationship was going nowhere. He was the one to introduce me to Jeff Buckley and in some way, I believe he was someone I needed at that point in my life. It’s like he came into my life to help me become the person I want to fall in love with.


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