The Charming Thief

He has this look
that makes every girl think
he wants them.

It’s a charm – a gift
that takes control of your soul
making you do things
you’d never do before.

His eyes pierce
through your heart
for he knows how you feel
understanding you completely
is the weapon you fear.

Yes, he is the thief
who broke into your heart
and stole your soul
just to tear it apart.


One thought on “The Charming Thief

  1. Oh! You’ve met one of those too! I crave for the perfect moment to let all the emotions associated with knowing this type-a-person, out – poem, song – can’t wait to get it out just right. It’s purpose: a lesson for the naive? Because I like to share my lessons? I like to wreak justice? I like to help good souls? I also like to help myself. Writing it down would help me remember and tap into the experience.

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