Nothing Serious

Sex doesn’t have to be
Whore it up!
You’re in control!
You’re a strong,
Independent woman!

That’s what I’m told.

But you twist your words
For your benefit
And I feel
Creating a barrier
Between the physical
And the emotional.

I numb myself
From your sweet gestures
Wishing you were
An asshole,
A dumbass,
Anything unattractive
To make myself believe
That there isn’t
An emotional

Nothing serious,
No strings attached.
But I’m not an actress
I’m not a whore
I can’t pretend
And disconnect my heart
From feeling
When you hold my hand
Or kiss my neck.
My heart is present in
our intimacy.

I sometimes wish I was
And selfish
So I would be too busy
To care about anything
other than myself.
I’d be too busy
To care about you.


One thought on “Nothing Serious

  1. I wonder if this will work, if I can leave a reply without having an account. I feel those words, as if they were my own. 🙂

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