It all started with my grade 11 English high school teacher who was quite the hippie. He had shoulder-length, wavy blond hair, blue eyes with these over sized 70’s thin-rimmed glasses and wore jeans with a casual button down shirt and cowboy boots. He smoked weed between classes, made us, his students, talk to trees and exposed us to Carlos Castenada’s Journey to Ixtlan (which I loved). He was the most unconvectional teacher I’ve ever had but I loved every minute of his class!

One of my favourite assignments was modelling poems and it was then that I realized poetry could be my outlet for expressing feelings I wasn’t as open about sharing. This is one of the poems I wrote that he thought was really great so I figured I’d share it.


A poem

makes thoughts sing.

The singing of real


touches with its pure heart

And like a salamander

it crawls the great earth

to find souls

that ride on its small

bizarre tube.


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