My friend Rebecca

I used to work at an amusement park as a Henna Tattoo Artist and on our first day of work one summer, I met this girl who kind of reminded me of Madonna. Maybe it was the blonde hair. No wait – it was the gap between her teeth! Actually, it was the combination of her hair, teeth and blue eyes which definitely resembled the eyes of a cat – huge and hypnotic!

“That tattoo reminds me of sperm swimming towards an egg.”

That was one of the first things I remember saying when we were flipping through the book of tattoo designs. We didn’t even formally introduce ourselves because we couldn’t stop talking! I’m not much of a comedian but it seemed like everything that came out of my mouth was extremely funny to her. She kept telling me how weird I was and I have to admit, I am a bit eccentric but I’ve never heard anyone laugh so hard at the things I say or do! I have to admit that she was pretty hilarious too! To be honest, I don’t even remember how I found out her name was Rebecca. Not a lot of people would expect me to be such good friends with someone so wild and crazy as she is but that summer she became one of my closest friends.

Some people think she’s a bitch only because she speaks her mind but she’s too often misunderstood. As Howard Stern said, “The fate of all true geniuses is that they’re misunderstood.” Who can blame us geniuses? We’re just too damn weird for some! But I knew that when Rebecca called me “weird” she truly understood me. I even remember what I wrote to her this one time we were talking online. It went something like this:

“Well, I was open about my weirdness and you looked at me like I’m some weirdo but I know deep down inside that you’re just as weird as me.”

It was one of the funniest moments in my life! I can’t remember ever laughing so hard! I’ll never forget that night! I had so much fun talking to her. I couldn’t even believe I told her I had a crush on a guy we worked with. She was the first person I told and I wasn’t even planning on telling anyone! She just has this way of squeezing the truth out of you.

I barely knew Rebecca back then but it felt like we’ve known each other forever. We were so comfortable around each other that we didn’t care if we made fools of ourselves belting out songs from Moulin Rouge in the cafeteria at work during our break! I was blown away by the beauty of her singing voice. Those were definitely unforgettable experiences – totally spontaneous and out of the ordinary. I got a complete work out just hanging out with her. I burned calories every time I laughed and sang with her!

I remember telling her how hilarious I thought she was and that some of the funniest people on earth have a history of being traumatized. I would have never expected anything so tragic to occur in Rebecca’s life – the death of her older sister.

But we’re the kind of people to see beauty in tragedy. We know that the beauty of life comes from the balance of opposite worlds that allow us to experience great highs and great lows. That’s probably one of the reasons we both love Moulin Rouge. That – and the fact that we’re such bohemians – constantly learning from each other – sharing our creative thoughts and ideas about the world.

I remember when she lent me Ben Harper’s Welcome to the Cruel World album because she was obsessed with his music and instinctively knew that I’d love his music too. That album left a huge impression on me and makes me believe that when people share the things they are so passionate about, it can truly inspire others.

Rebecca encouraged me to take more initiative when it comes to friendships. If it wasn’t for her phone call a few days after we met, who knows, we might have never become such close friends. I didn’t expect to hear from her that day and when she did call, I thought it was because she needed to switch shifts with me. But I realized that you don’t always need a reason to pick up the phone and call someone. If anything, it’s a pleasant surprise.

This was meant to be a really short story but like our conversations on the phone or online it’s always hard to end. We always end up having so much to say just when we have to leave. And it’s like we intuitively know each others thoughts. Can you believe that in the first week we met, we sent each other quizzes about ourselves?? I mean, she did better on that quiz than some friends that I’ve known for years! I really tried to make it tricky but even the things I never told her before, like the name of my favourite band, she knew! She totally blew me away! We would constantly freak each other out in weird ways like that.

Rebecca was so much fun to be around! Her slang in those days was so completely different from any other person I knew. She would use words like “Nein” and “Truesay” in her everyday vocabulary. To understand those words, you’d have to hear them come out of her mouth. It was really funny, especially when she used hand gestures.

All these qualities about Rebecca make her an unforgettable friend. She is an angel in disguise. Underneath all that make-up and attitude, she’s a truly loving, caring and inspirational person. People might think otherwise but I know they’re wrong because anyone can judge a person and make assumptions about them but it’s hard to disregard what we think we know and give people a chance to prove themselves. I can’t emphasis enough how grateful I am to have a friend as sincere and unique as Rebecca.


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