A distraction

The weather outside was making Carrie sad. The dark, grey clouds of confusion were crying raindrop tears non-stop. She was listening to a song that described exactly how she was feeling but even when she wasn’t listening to sad music; when she was working or studying she still felt this never ending sadness.

“I need a distraction,” she thought, “or maybe an obsession.”

Obsessions always seemed to make her happy, even though it was only temporary happiness.

She thought of a co-worker named Eric who fascinated her.

“I’ll make him my temporary obsession!” she thought.

They worked together a few times already for a company that offers services in face painting, airbrushing, among other things, for parties. It was only yesterday that Carrie actually started having a conversation with Eric. He looked scary on the outside because of his dark, black clothing, long, greasy hair and eye lined eyes. He reminded Carrie of a vampire – tall and slim with shoulder length, dirty blonde hair. The dark rings under his eyes appeared to make his blue-grey eyes stand out and she always noticed him wearing a long black trench coat with black army boots. He looked mean but Carrie found him to be surprisingly gentle. She noticed how nice he could be to some of the most annoying kids at parties and thought it was really sweet.

Through ongoing conversation, she discovered that Eric used to go to at well known art school in Toronto and from what she had seen, he was really talented. She noticed his use of sharp angles with his lettering, making letters look like scary spikes yet she found something beautiful and delicate about his work.

She was surprised to discover he was once married. It came out so casually when they were talking about travelling. He told her about his roommates who were going back to Australia and how he would love to go visit them one day because he loves animals – especially the exotic kinds they have there.

The way he talked so lovingly about animals made Carrie wonder if he was vegetarian, so she asked. He told her that he used to be vegetarian for a number of years in the past and that it was much easier for him back then because his wife would always make him meals. He told Carrie he’s no longer vegetarian but she didn’t know if that had anything to do with him no longer being with his wife. She didn’t ask nor did she want to know.

Carrie later discovered that he lives in Toronto but works 2 hours outside the city doing air brushing for another company. She couldn’t imagine how long it took him to get to work, especially since he also mentioned he didn’t drive and relied heavily on public transportation. She then asked him if he had a cell phone but she instinctively knew the answer. She told him that she didn’t drive or own a cell phone either but that it was like they both shared a similar philosophy of life – avoiding technological advances while being environmentally friendly although they both agreed that the internet was one advancement they couldn’t live without.

Thinking about Eric didn’t make Carrie’s sadness go away. She knew she would be working with him again tomorrow and was glad that they could get along. The only thing that warmed her heart was the comfort in knowing that sometimes the people she thought she’d have nothing in common with, share more in common with her than the people who think they know and understand her.


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