A love story…

His eyes were like marble with hints of earthy green tones delicately intertwined with dark, honey brown tones. They were the most beautiful eyes Marissa had ever seen and they captivated her. His hypnotic hazel eyes stared intensely into what she considered to be her boring brown eyes as their friend Maria introduced them. He smiled warmly as the words, “Nice to meet you.” slipped from his luscious lips. He was irresistibly handsome – tall, athletic build, with sleek, dark brown hair, high cheek bones and olive skin tone. She knew, the moment their eyes met, that she was attracted to him but refused to admit that an attraction existed.

After their introduction, she avoided engaging in any further conversation with him and told herself not to be deceived by his good looks. She made herself believe that he was a jerk and expected him to come off that way.

Ethan was intrigued by Marissa’s indifference towards him. He was so used to girls batting their eyes at him, finding excuses to talk and flirt with him and wondered why Marissa wasn’t attracted to him the way other girls were. By his standards, she was one of the most beautiful girls he had ever seen. He could see the warmth, passion and friendliness in her eyes when they first met. She had exotic features – caramel skin, thin almond shaped eyes, long, dark, brown hair, a slim and athletic body; what he would consider a Native American Goddess.

He noticed how engaged in conversation Marissa was with their friend Maria. He could hear them speaking a foreign language which he assumed was Spanish since he knew Maria recently moved to Canada from Mexico. He noticed how happy Marissa was when talking to Maria. Her smile was big and bright and he noticed a dimple form on the right side of her cheek each time a huge smile lit up her face.

Marissa was so enthralled by the stories Maria was telling her of all the guys she dated and messed around with from high school recently. Marissa was still a virgin but she lived vicariously through Maria and wished she could be as liberal and carefree with guys if it wasn’t for her overprotective, overly intrusive parents.

Since moving to a new neighbourhood with her family that year, Marissa had started attending a new high school and made every effort to stay in touch with her old high school friends – even if it meant skipping class to see them.

It was lunchtime when Marissa went to visit Maria and during their conversation, Maria mentioned that she’d be buying pizza for lunch across the street. She invited Marissa and anyone else sitting at the table to come along. Ethan eagerly offered to go since he also had to buy lunch and their friend Sarah immediately offered to tag along as well.

Marissa was still catching up on all the juicy details of Maria’s love life on their way to buy food when Sarah suddenly called out and said, “Hey Marissa! Did you know Ethan used to go to Hertzman? Doesn’t your dad teach at that high school?”

Marissa was caught off guard and looked back at Ethan who was just as surprised as she was. He then approached her and asked, “So, who’s your dad?”

“Ummm… Isacc Levinski.” Marissa responded, rarely shyly.

“No fucking way! He was my Calculus teacher!”

They were both pretty astounded by this strange coincidence.

“So what are you doing here?” Marissa asked rather puzzled, “Hertzman is a pretty prestigious private school.”

“Funny story, I failed your dad’s class and my parents were no longer willing to pay for me to attend private school anymore so I transferred here.”

“Oh my god! I remember hearing about you! You were the student who didn’t answer any of the questions and just drew this incredible landscape drawing on the front page of your exam!”

“Yeah, that was me!” Ethan exclaimed.

Marissa remembered the moral dilemma Isacc went through when he was marking final exams that year and realized that Ethan’s marks weren’t high enough to compensate failing his last exam. Isacc never mentioned this student’s name but Marissa remembered secretly admiring this person for being so daring for not attempting to answer any of the questions and for his incredible artistic talent.

Suddenly, this mysterious person she was so curious about had a face and a name. She knew she liked Ethan before she even met him and this strange coincidence made her believe in fate and magic. Her heart fluttered at the idea that they crossed paths for a reason.

Ethan was so excited by this strange coincidence they shared and was relieved to know he finally had an excuse to talk to Marissa. He then asked her how she could possibly be related to Isacc – a tall, white, Jewish man who looked nothing like her.

“He’s my step-dad,” Marissa responded, “but I grew up with him most of my life that I consider him my real dad.”

Ethan was intrigued by Marissa’s personal life story and began to ask questions about her family life and background.

Marissa was just as intrigued with Ethan’s personal life and their conversation flowed so effortlessly. They discovered that they shared many things in common such as struggling to fit in because they both came from different countries, having a huge age gap between their younger siblings whom they both had the responsibility of babysitting, sharing the same taste in music, being creative, artistic and having an appreciation for the art world.

Suddenly, Ethan didn’t seem anything at all like a jerk and Marissa’s perception of him changed completely. He became a person who understood her in ways that her other friends never could.



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