Unable to resist and let go of a true love…

A beautiful girl

Who doesn’t think she’s beautiful

Falls in love with

A devastatingly handsome guy

Who adores and loves her

But she pushes him away

Because she thinks

She doesn’t deserve him.

So he drowns his sorrow and loneliness

With alcohol.

He numbs his heart with painkilling drugs

Until she finally notices

How desperately he needs her.

She wants to save his wounded soul

But doesn’t realize that she’s just as wounded

From a dark, troubled past of her own

And needs help.

Two devastatingly sad souls

Can’t resist each other

Because they strongly believe

The other will save them.

The love and passion

They feel for each other

Is what makes them feel

So alive

Yet their polar opposite personalities


Which results in chaos

And pain

Making them realize

They just can’t be together

So they mutually

Decide to break up.

But the pain they feel

From being apart

Is what draws them

Like magnets

Back to each other.

They go through life

Trying to find someone to fill

The emptiness in their hearts

But no one compares

To the one they truly love.


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