The Men I Can’t Have


I am attracted to men I can’t have.

The man who came from out of town to visit his friend who just started dating me.

The man who is still not over his ex but rocks my world sexually.

The man who is in a relationship and innocently flirts with me.

The man who lives overseas and stimulates me intellectually.

The man who bartends at a Singles Mingle event

Because he has more charisma and confidence

Than any of the men I should have, would have been attracted to.

The men I can’t have

Make it easier for me to practice my flirtation techniques

When I should really be using it on the men I have potential with.

I flirt knowing it will go nowhere.

My heart is safe and I can feel powerful, sexy and confident

Among the men I can’t have.


5 thoughts on “The Men I Can’t Have

  1. I like losing the sense of power – with potentials. But MOST men like women they can’t have (challenge).

    So I stand with no power and no sense of losing it.

    Just – lack.

    Thought-provoking poem. Very interesting Luna!

  2. I hear ya sista. I think that subconciously we all men and women we all pick ppl we known dont really like us b/c its safer that way. That is kinda messed up thinking but psychologically its true. I read somewhere that the ppl who like us back scare the hell out of us. I d k how i feel about this but I thought Id share this with you. Maybe thats why we think we like this one or that one and we go out with them but then we act all surprised when theys how us their true colors b/c we are all scared of love . Which is stupid b/c we all want 2 be w someone who likes us 4 who we really are. But that damn subconcious gets ue verytime. The ego. Oh I remember my friend it was from

    Marrianne Willamson’s book
    A Return 2 love

    I highly recommend it

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