A short lived romance

I was on the verge of falling in love with you but logic kept pointing out all the reasons you were wrong for me. How could I have a happy, stable future with a starving artist? I’ll always be living my life with you struggling to make ends up. My heart argued saying, “Love is all you need”. But is it really? Will love be there to rescue us from the stress of instability?

Your greatest accomplishment was making me forget the one person who meant the world to me. You gave me hope that I could love again – truly, madly, deeply. But you knew, just as well as I did, that you were wrong for me.

I could feel the intensity of our attraction in the way we’d look at each other, make each other laugh; in the flow of our conversation about anything and everything. I could feel the intensity of our attraction in the way we kissed and caressed each other, in the way our bodies moved rhythmically in complete bliss.

You told me how amazing I was, how lucky a guy would be to have me. But that guy just couldn’t be you. I understood and could feel you distancing yourself from me so I slowly drifted out of your life.

It was a short lived romance and I keep telling myself I should get over you but the truth is, I don’t want to get over you.



6 thoughts on “A short lived romance

  1. When it is wrong, trust your initial intuition. When someone pulls away it is intoxicating. It confuses our process of rational thought. If he asks for distance, then be the one that got away. The right person who will truly make you happy will never be happy with distance from you. You don’t need money to be in love and happy, but you do need passionate commitment to each other. Just my opinion, but I speak it with empathy and experience. Peace and love to you and your heart. Janine

    • Things have gotten better since having him out of the picture but he’s a character that’ll live on in my stories, poems and reflections that relate to him. Thank you for your concern. I appreciate it. 🙂

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  3. One day the memory or significance will fade, when another invests love in you who you believe in. That will fill the cup and this one will become a blur. Still I understand how the memory can soothe and comfort…

    • This was partially inspired by The National’s Sorrow:

      It takes time to get over someone. Especially when the connection or attraction to someone is intense. Stay strong and positive! It’ll get better.:)

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