The Sweetest Thing


A blue eyed boy met a brown eyed girl. A photo captured the moment they stopped talking to smile for a photographer friend who loves producing beautiful memories for friends on their special occasions.

Brown eyed girl never thought that photo would be of any significance until her heart unexpectedly discovered the beauty of this blue eyed boy’s heart.

That photo was the beginning of an unexpected romance.

The conversation they had that night – the night they first met – stimulated her mind. She secretly thought to herself, “This is the kind of guy I want to be with! This is exactly the kind of personality I want him to have!”

But she didn’t want to get her hopes up with him because she had experienced a constant pattern of men disappointing her and letting her down in the past. She protected her heart by picking out any flaws she could. She couldn’t find any, other than stupid, superficial things which weren’t even that much of an issue but she needed any excuse to prevent herself from falling for him.

Blue eyed boy was kind enough to drive brown eyed girl home after their friend’s birthday party ended and he continued to impress her with his knowledge, relating what he knew to the things she knew and was passionate about. They exchanged contact information and he promised to send her a link that he knew she would appreciate. He mentioned that they should hang out again and she agreed.

They interacted back and forth, sharing links, liking and commenting on each other’s Facebook posts and status updates but brown eyed girl lost hope that he would ever ask her out and searched for love in other places.

It wasn’t until blue eyed boy randomly found her on an online dating site that he messaged her and revealed that he was romantically interested. Brown eyed girl was greatly amused by this coincidence but was surprised he was interested in her when he didn’t seem to pursue her in ways she expected. He told her that he didn’t want to come on too strong and prefers to hang out as friends first to determine if there is any romantic chemistry.

Something about his statement, “hanging out as friends first” made sense to brown eyed girl. That was the philosophy she had been using when dating men. She liked the idea of having no expectations and just going with the flow.

Brown eyed girl reminded herself of his flaws and told herself not to fall for him. But any excuse not to like him, slipped away as his thoughtful gestures warmed her heart, as his humour made her smile, and as his knowledge continued to impress her.

After a delicious dinner that night, blue eyed boy invited brown eyed girl back to his place to pick up a few movies he wanted to lend her. He offered her some homemade muffins while she waited for him to find the movies and he instantly grew even more attractive. He even offered to give her some muffins to take home and she was really excited. Muffins were one of her favourite things to eat for breakfast so she greatly appreciated the gesture.

Brown eyed girl made a statement saying, “Wow, these muffins will taste really good with a glass of milk tomorrow morning.” And blue eyed boy instinctively offered her a glass of milk.

Brown eyed girl was shocked. She had no intention of implying that she wanted milk but realized in that moment, that a glass of milk really would compliment the muffin she was eating. She was impressed by blue eyed boy’s ability to pick up on cues like that but assured him that she wasn’t speaking in code.

That night, blue eyed boy drove brown eyed girl home. She really enjoyed spending time with him and since learning that he also liked going to concerts, she immediately gave him a ticket to an upcoming show later that week, which he agreed to attend.

At the show, blue eyed boy met brown eyed girl’s friends and got along really well with everyone. Brown eyed girl couldn’t be happier.

It seemed blue eyed boy constantly kept impressing brown eyed girl. She didn’t want to fall for him because she was still so scared of having her heart broken but in the days following the concert, she found herself missing him and looking back at their first photo together. That’s when she knew she was falling for him.


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