Little spider, big fears

I’m not normally scared of spiders and I don’t have a problem getting rid of them (I avoid killing them because of some silly superstition that states that after killing a spider, it rains). I’ve always liked spiders, especially after reading the book Charlotte’s Web when I was a kid.

So this one day, I find a pretty big spider on the ceiling of my mom’s bedroom. I get a Kleenex and gently try to grab it without hurting it. Somehow, I stumble on the mattress and the spider falls – inches from my mom’s face. I suddenly become hysterical and shout,”Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! It almost fell on your face!”

My sister comes into the room to find out what all the commotion is about and is shocked to discover me freaking out over a spider when it has always been her who has been so afraid of them. She helps me locate the spider, half alive and crawling away from where it initially fell. My sister tells me to kill it and I guess I don’t want to have another ‘spider falls out of hand and I get hysterical’ incident, so I squish it. I feel the pop between my fingers. The thought of this spider’s guts exploding out of its body seriously disturbs me and I screech.

My mom and sister begin to laugh hysterically at this whole chain of events and I’m left wondering if I’m more afraid of spiders than I’d like to believe.


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