Truth in Mystery

I replay scenarios
in my head
of the perfect thing
you could have said.

But you don’t know
the things I want to hear
because you don’t know
about the things I hold so dear.

You try so hard
to sound so smart
but you seem so clueless
on matters of the heart.

I try to tell you
what’s on my mind
you speak in cryptic
because you’re a different kind.

Your words confuse me
I must confess
With convoluted language
when simplicity is best.

I don’t know how
to interpret what you say
you leave me more confused than
I was the other day.

I sometimes wonder
if we’re even a good match
but I don’t want to lose you
because you seem like a great catch.

I know that we’re both wounded
from a detrimental past
which makes us both believe
that this relationship won’t last.

I’m trying really hard
to open up to you
but your life is still a mystery
and I need to know what’s true.


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