Waves of peace and pain

A friend once asked me, after a break-up with her boyfriend, “How long will this feeling torture me?” I reflected on my past experience with break-ups and responded with, “It’s like a series of waves. You have moments of peace and calmness then a sudden rush of emotions come to wash away the castle of […]

A short lived romance

I was on the verge of falling in love with you but logic kept pointing out all the reasons you were wrong for me. How could I have a happy, stable future with a starving artist? I’ll always be living my life with you struggling to make ends up. My heart argued saying, “Love is […]

Those three little words

I messaged him with a simple, “Have a great night!” And he responded with, “Thanks love you too!” His lack of punctuation left his message open to interpretation. I knew he didn’t love me but upon reading that phrase, it made me realize how much I missed hearing and reading those three little words from […]

Unable to resist and let go of a true love…

A beautiful girl Who doesn’t think she’s beautiful Falls in love with A devastatingly handsome guy Who adores and loves her But she pushes him away Because she thinks She doesn’t deserve him. So he drowns his sorrow and loneliness With alcohol. He numbs his heart with painkilling drugs Until she finally notices How desperately he needs her. […]

Thank you Lavinia!

It was early spring of 2011 when my boyfriend of two years and I split up. I was devastated because I felt like my dreams of having a future with this man were shattered. I was in a pretty low place in my life and noticed that many of my friends were in relationships at […]