Waves of peace and pain

A friend once asked me, after a break-up with her boyfriend, “How long will this feeling torture me?” I reflected on my past experience with break-ups and responded with, “It’s like a series of waves. You have moments of peace and calmness then a sudden rush of emotions come to wash away the castle of […]

How he made me say “I love you”

I’m the kind of person who can get really excited about anything and everything from hearing my favourite song on the radio, tasting the most delicious chocolate cake, smelling fresh laundry, seeing or reading about the latest fashion trend, to feeling a cool breeze on a hot, humid day. It’s typical of me to say […]

The Sweetest Thing

A blue eyed boy met a brown eyed girl. A photo captured the moment they stopped talking to smile for a photographer friend who loves producing beautiful memories for friends on their special occasions. Brown eyed girl never thought that photo would be of any significance until her heart unexpectedly discovered the beauty of this […]

I never said, “I love you” but you made me believe in love

My biggest regret was never telling you how much I truly loved you. I remember you trying to convince me that we should just tell our friends we were in love – that my close friend would forgive me for messing around with you knowing she had a crush on you. I couldn’t help but question how […]