Waves of peace and pain

A friend once asked me, after a break-up with her boyfriend, “How long will this feeling torture me?” I reflected on my past experience with break-ups and responded with, “It’s like a series of waves. You have moments of peace and calmness then a sudden rush of emotions come to wash away the castle of […]

Tears of Blood

The sight of fresh, red blood as it dripped down my sister’s arm from her freshly picked scabs made me nauseous. It was as if her blood triggered a past, traumatic experience that I had blocked from my memory.                                   […]

A high moment of healing…

It felt like a bolt of electricity flowed through my body as he penetrated deep inside me. In my high state of mind, I thought to myself, “I’m in love”. The passion, the intensity, the pleasure, was so heavenly. Sadness sank in at the reality – that his heart longed to be with someone overseas. […]